DELL PowerEdge M1000e Modular Blade Enclosure
including 16 x Dell / Amulet hotkey DXM610 Server Blades+

16 x Amulet Hotkey DXR4-IP PCoIP Zero Clients included

32  x INTEL XEON  Hex Core  X5670  2.93Ghz  *** 192 Cores / 384 Threads
32 x 146GB 10K SAS


The DXM610 is a state of the art workstation blade with integral quad video head GPU and PCoIP host. Based on the acclaimed Dell® M610 blade, this workstation uses the latest Intel Xeon chipsets and is available to order in a wide variety of specifications. Up to 16 DXM610 workstation blades can be installed into the award winning Dell M1000e enclosure. The enclosure has mulitple redundant power supplies and space for a range of modular network interfaces. Qualified to work with the latest 32 and 64bit operating systems, the DXM610 is an easily maintained, energy efficient design that generates a fast ROI.

Award winning power efficient Dell M1000e enclosure with 10u enclosure accomodates 16 DXM610 workstation blades Compatible with DXM610-X, DXM710 & DXM910 Extreme blade4 State of the art Intel Xeon architecture with support for latest processors, memory modules and ascociated technologies Dell approved Amulet Hotkey BIOS supports 32 and 64bit workstation operating systems Integrated quad video head PCoIP host Bidirectional stereo audio link - line level, head phones, microphone 4 USB sockets - keyboard & mouse, 2 spare Supports wake on LAN optionally controlled from the remote zero client Blade power cycle controlled from the remote zero client Secure protocol using 128 bit encryption with host to client device pairing by unique MAC and IP address Wide range of network inteface modules available Integrated configuration utility with GUI


 Model:  M1000e
Backplane: takes up  to 16 x half-height blades  (ALL 16 x DXM610 blades included)
CMC: 1 X CMC (FM634)
Power Supply: 3 x Power Supply  (takes up to 6)
Condition: Refurbished
Warranty: 6 Months RTB Warranty
Software /OS / COA : No CoA or software installed
Tech Specs :

16 x Dell / Amulet hotkey Server Blades

Specifications: (each blade)

 Model: DXM610 / M610
CPU: 2 X Six Core Intel® Xeon® Processor X5670 (12M Cache, 2.93 GHz, 6.40 GT/s Intel® QPI) Hyper-Threading)
Dual capable, both installed (12 cores / 24 threads) Virtualization
Memory: 48GB PC3 memory  (12 x4GB)  
Hard Drives: 2 x  146GB 2.5" SAS
Backplane: 1 x 2 Bay 2.5”SAS / SATA 
2 x GB Ethernet
Amulet Hotkey  NVidia Graphic  (Quad Moniter Support)     ***Moniters not included
Condition: Refurbished
Warranty: 6 Months RTB Warranty
Software /OS / COA : Tested with VMWARE Hypervisor ESXI 6.0 / Windows 7 Pro / Windows 10
PCoIP Zero Client 16 x Amulet Hotkey DXR4-IP PCoIP Zero Clients included
Mfr Tech Specs

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