Dell PowerVault MD1220 Direct Attached Storage 24TB " SAS 24BAY SAS / SSD PERC H810 +cables

Product Code: MD1220-24tb
Product Code: MD1220-24tb
Dell PowerVault MD1220 Direct Attached Storage

Versatile, high-capacity direct-attached storage DAS


  • Drives

    Up to twenty-four (24) 2.5-inch hot-pluggable SAS HDDs at 7.2K, 10K, 15K RPM and SAS solid-state drive (SSDs)

Maximum Capacity (per enclosure)

Up to 48TB when using 24 x 2TB NL-SAS 2.5” HDDs

Expansion Capabilities

PERC H810 enables expansion to 8 enclosures, 4 per port


  • Support for the following configurations:

    Unified mode (single path) for daisy chaining of up to 8 enclosures per PERC H810 (4 enclosures per port, single path) Unified mode (recommended redundant path) for daisy chaining up to 4 enclosures per PERC H810 (4 enclosures connected to both ports via redundant path cabling)
  • Split mode with dual Enclosure Management Modules providing direct connectivity to drives 0 though 11 and a separate connectivity to drives 12 through 23


  • 2 Enclosure Management Modules(EMM) provide redundant enclosure management capability
  • 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50 and 60
Model: MD1220
Hard Drives: 24 x 1TB 7.2K 6G SAS 2.5'' Hard Drive included    (Takes up to 24)***
Backplane: 2 x 12 Bay 2.5”SAS / SSD
HOST RAID:1 1x PERC H810 Controller with 2 x SAS cables included**
Power Supply: 2 x Power Supply
Controllers Dual Controllers (2 X EMM)
Condition: Refurbished
Warranty: 12  Months RTB Warranty
Software /OS / COA : No CoA or software installed
Mfr Tech Specs

Impressive performance

The PowerVault MD1220 can deliver the speed, performance and reliability to satisfy data-hungry, performance-intensive, singleserver applications that store active and frequently changing information. • 6Gbps SAS: Twice the throughput of the previous generation of direct-attached storage, the PowerVault MD1220 can satisfy even the most performance-intensive applications such as web, database and email hosting • Solid-state drives (SSD): Pair the increased IOPs and throughput of 6Gbps SAS with support for SSDs for an ideal solution for applications that rely on random-block access • Automatic I/O load balancing: Further optimizing the performance of the PowerVault MD1220, the PERC H810 HostRAID adapter has automatic I/O load balancing to detect when a single path starts to get saturated and balances the I/O traffic across both paths

Maximum efficiency

The PowerVault MD1220 improves energy efficiency over the previous generation with new 80 PLUS® Silver certified power supplies. This enhancement augments the power, heat and space efficiencies already gained from the SFF array. In fact, 2.5-inch disks consume less power and 70% less space than 3.5-inch drives. Combined with variable-speed and temperature-controlled fans, the MD1220 is optimized to deliver performance and energyefficiency in a single arra

Affinity with PowerEdge

optimally with Dell PowerEdge servers, as follows: • The configuration of the PERC H810 HostRAID adapter enables the software to recognize all storage as a single unit, helping to increase reliability and fault tolerance. • Dell OpenManage™ Storage Manager software can manage both the external array and internal storage, streamlining storage management through a single, common interface. This helps reduce resource load on the system and enables easier navigation for the user. • The PowerVault MD1220 uses the same 2.5-inch drives as the PowerEdge servers and the same power supplies and fans as the PowerVault MD1200, reducing the cost of spares.

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